Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan Foundation

The AIAM Foundation supports the aerospace industry in fulfilling its full potential in Michigan, which will strengthen local economies across the state and provide a spectrum of employment opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds.

AIAM is primarily a membership organization and exists to serve and support its members and their growth. The Foundation was established to provide broader support to the industry, primarily through talent development, supplier support, and community collaboration.

Creating a diverse pipeline of talent 

Connect with students within the K-12 education systems through postsecondary to inspire their exploration in the industry as a career opportunity

Provide resources and engage with adults seeking to “up-skill” their current line of work or start a new career

Be inclusive to individuals who have traditionally been underrepresented in the industry, including girls, women, and people of color

Strengthening Small Businesses

Providing specific resources, such as accreditation and certification assistance, and strengthening collaboration with companies, enabling them to be a strong competitor in the industry

Raising Awareness

Addressing the importance and beneficial impact that a strong aerospace industry can have on Michigan, the nation, and worldwide

Our Corporate Partners

Join us!

Your support is needed to make this effort a success. From the ground up, we are building an initiative poised to strengthen a strategic industry in Michigan, which will drive opportunity and prosperity across the state. Please join us!

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