About AIAM

The Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan is a non-profit, member driven industry organization. It is a platform for aerospace leaders in the state to work together on a common set of priorities to strengthen and support the continued growth in the industry through talent attraction and new investment in Michigan.

Our True North



To further strengthen Michigan’s aerospace ecosystem by expanding talent, research and market access.


For Michigan to be ranked the number one aerospace industry cluster in the nation.


DEDICATION – We are passionate, driven, focused, and committed to delivering value.

RELATIONSHIPS – We interact, communicate, and collaborate effectively within our board and with our constituents.

RESPONSIVENESS – We respond quickly and effectively to requests, questions, and concerns.

INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE – We leverage our collective aerospace knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our stakeholders.


Talent attraction & development

  • Inform the education community
    • The gap in talent that exists today
      • Degreed, technical & skilled trades
    • Talent requirements for future technology
    • Establish research priorities
  • Utilize relationships with educational institutions for talent attraction initiatives
  • Inspire rising talent in K-12 programs


  • Voice of the Aerospace Industry in Lansing
  • Educate legislators on the industry impact in Michigan
  • Benchmark the industry in other regions
  • Propose preferred tax treatment
  • Lobby policy & regulatory reform necessary to keep companies competitive and grow the industry in Michigan


AIAM has proudly partnered with McAlvey Merchant & Associates to represent the interests of our members and the industry with Michigan’s legislative body.

Representation at key aerospace events

  • Paris/Farnborough Air Show
  • NBAA
  • MRO Events
  • Job Fairs
    • In-state & domestically

Member services

  • Capabilities Directory
  • Training
  • Assemble critical industry data for the state
    • Wage & Salary
    • Size of Industry
    • Trends
  • Seat at the table nationally and internationally
  • Networking opportunities
  • Membership Directory
  • Fully searchable Membership Database

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