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AIAM Membership Directory

Over the past few months we have been discussing the creation of a membership directory. Upon the discussion
during our annual member meeting in November, a follow-up survey monkey to our members, and a meeting with
the AIAM board, we have come to an agreement on the following:

  • Two online downloadable directories (PDF’s) will be published – one will be available for members-only
    which will include contact information; the other directory will be available for the public and will NOT
    include direct contact information.
  • Both PDF directories will include the name of the company, website, specialties, and a company description.
  • The PDF’s will be updated on a monthly basis and new versions will be published at the beginning of each
  • The public PDF will be widely promoted to Michigan, national, and international audiences interested in the
    Michigan aerospace industry.
  • In addition to the PDF versions of the directory, there will be an online database on the AIAM website where
    you can search for a company or a specialty.
  • The online database will be updated in real-time as new members join AIAM.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available in the all versions of the directory and will be featured in the
    downloadable and online database.