IR Telemetrics

IR Telemetrics builds and installs custom wireless transmitters and receivers used to acquire test data frommoving machinery components or other hostile environments. View IR Telemetrics member highlight

HRU Technical Resources

HRU Technical Resources is a contingent staffing organization specializing in Engineering, Manufacturing, Skilled Trades, IT and Technically related placements across multiple industries. Because of our leaderships unique position in the industry, we get to see, demo and test all of the new recruiting technologies for potential addition to our enviable tech stack, keeping us at […]

Rapita Systems

Rapita Systems provides on-target software verification tools and services globally to the embedded aerospace and automotive electronics industries. Our solutions help to increase software quality, deliver evidence to meet safety and certification objectives and reduce project costs. View Rapita Systems member highlight.

Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool

Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool offers services for BUILD TO PRINT precision machining and plastic injectiontooling. Located in Macomb County in Richmond, Michigan, we serve the medical, defense, aerospace/space and automotive industries in the greater United States. Customers tell us our experience, qualityproducts and willingness to PROVIDE SOLUTIONS for them are what set us apart from […]

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP)

DEP works closely with global OEMs and Suppliers supporting advanced engineering and productdevelopment activities. Our Engineering Services and FEA/CAE/CFD teams help to optimize productsfor safety, durability, stress, NVH, CFD, etc. and our “MeshWorks Engineering platform is a world classsoftware tool specialing in “Morphing, CAE Meshing (world’s fastest), Lightweighting, Weld & StructuresOptimization, and CAE automation”. View […]