Dear AIAM community,

Thank you for the increased support and participation in the AIAM network and family of companies since the start of the year! We are preparing for several upcoming events, such as our next Industry Luncheon at Renishaw in Auburn Hills on June 7, Legislative Day on May 16, the 6th Annual Golf Outing on August 7, followed by AeroOne 2023 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center September 5-7. Our event program continues to expand as the AIAM team works hard to bring more opportunities for you to connect, learn, and grow in the industry. I truly look forward to meeting with you at these amazing events as well as enjoying the best of Michigan summers in our beautiful state.

Highlighted in this edition are several members we are welcoming into our association: Orbion Space Technology, AeroMotion by Textron Aviation, Casemer Tool & Machine, Tebis CAD/CAM MES Software & Services, Senscy, and Claira. As our membership continues to grow, please take a moment to check out these incredible businesses.

As announced late last year we are dedicating time and resources towards establishing the AIAM charitable Foundation. The foundation was officially incorporated January 3, 2023.  Our mission is to provide a pathway into the aerospace industry for individuals and companies seeking new opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to advance Michigan’s place in the global aerospace industry through education, talent development, small business support, and community collaboration. We are strategically positioned to promote aerospace opportunities for populations, businesses, and communities that otherwise may not have access to them. As we work to diversify our state’s economy with an industry that is primed to flourish for generations to come, we would be forever grateful if you and your companies would consider becoming foundation partners!

As mentioned above, we are eagerly anticipating AeroOne 2023 on September 5-7th at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. This event will feature new topics and speakers, with expanded time for exceptional networking such as the High Altitude Welcome Reception to be held on the 72nd floor at the top of the RenCen! For more information on the 2023 AeroOne Summit, be sure to read to the end of our newsletter where you can find a link to register with the early bird discount.

Thank you for your continued support!