Calumet Electronics produces high performance circuit boards that are used at the heart of applications that demand zero downtime and zero failures. Their customers design and manufacture critical systems for industrial controls, power grid management, life support, medical diagnostics, avionics, aerospace, and the military. Calumet is one of the only 14 printed circuit board (PCB) manufactures in North America to achieve Nadcap accreditation. In addition to their existing ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications, Nadcap provides a significant prequalification status to attract and retain customers in aerospace, defense and other sectors where high reliability is required. Nadcap represents an unprecedented cooperative industry effort to improve quality, while simultaneously reducing cost and improving efficiencies. Calumet was founded in 1968 with the vision to create jobs and improve the quality of life in northern Michigan. Today as a world-leader in high-performance PCB solutions, they remain true to their unceasing campaign to enhance the work and living environments of their associates, regional friends and neighbors, as well as the global community.

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