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Quarterly Op-Ed

Warbirds of Glory Museum, Kittyhawk Academy and ThermoAnalytics have invested their time and resources toward the betterment and growth of the aerospace industry. It is companies and organizations like these that are contributing to Michigan’s pursuit to be recognized as the #1 aerospace manufacturing cluster in the nation. Warbirds of Glory and Kittyhawk are utilizing their facilities to honor the service of our military veterans through their work and talent development program inspiring middle school to high school students to reach their full potential. ThermoAnalytics continues to create innovative technology right in Michigan’s great Upper Peninsula with unlimited potential for the industry.  By using their state of the art predictive modeling software simulations, companies can understand how products and systems will respond during various thermo conditions.

The challenges associated with the aerospace industry are met with confidence by each of the members highlighted. Michigan’s aerospace industry could not survive and thrive without the continual growth of the talent pipeline nor without the drive to keep innovating, despite our humble beginnings that span more than 100 years. AIAM’s True North Values have been a top priority from day one, which is why we could not be prouder to have them as our members.

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