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Michigan’s Aerospace Industry is Not Leaving on a Jet Plane

Michigan’s aerospace industry is our state’s best kept secret. But that needs to change. In a recent report by PwC, Michigan was ranked #2 in Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness. Although Michigan has been ranked #2 in two out of the last three years, it made a significant leap from its #8 ranking in the previous report. On top of manufacturing attractiveness, Michigan also ranked 2nd in labor productivity. According to PwC, Michigan’s high ratings are attributed to the “research and development in the aerospace industry supply chain.”

Michigan’s aerospace supply chain industry has greatly contributed to the growth and prosperity of relevant companies, both large and small. The aerospace industry faces a multitude of challenges on the supply chain front, but Michigan has been taking them head-on during its well-deserved rise to success.

One of the biggest challenges facing the aerospace supply chain is a lack of resources coupled with an increased demand for production. Luckily, Michigan’s aerospace industry has benefited from partnering with their neighbor: the automobile industry. According to a MiBiz article published in April, “automotive suppliers are partnering with aerospace OEMs to remove key manufacturing roadblocks in their supply chains.” President of AIAM, Tony Vernaci, added to the conversation by recalling the strong presence and influence of the automotive industry in Michigan, with collaborations involving aerospace technology “unlike anywhere in the world.”

Another challenge presented and met by Michigan’s aerospace supply chain industry is how rapidly it is changing and growing. Despite the mounting demands involved with adapting to new technology and innovation, Michigan consistently exceeds expectations. Members of the aerospace industry across the state collaborate with students, diverse groups of engineering professionals, automotive innovators, and more. Ascent Aerospace CEO, Michael Mahfet, recently added, “We are an innovative, vertically integrated company that has a very strong footprint here and around the world,” when speaking about what the company does to meet the industry’s ever-changing demands.

With a board full of talented, innovative leaders from the industry, AIAM has made a commitment to take Michigan to the top of the aerospace industry. Our True North Values guide us toward providing what is needed and extending opportunity for the growing network of talent in our great state. We intend to work in tandem with our member companies, whether small, medium, or large, to reach the highest levels of innovation that more than meet the challenges associated with the industry.

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