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AIAM Memberships

Whether you are currently operating a business in the aerospace industry or are evaluating the possibility of expanding your product and service portfolio into the industry, an investment to become an AIAM member could be the best decision you make.

A recent Boeing publication forecasts the need for over 41,000 commercial aircraft within the next 20 years at a value of over $6 trillion USD.  This projection indicates a very healthy economic future, along with tremendous opportunities for all sectors of the industry.  As an AIAM member, you will have the ability to network with powerful global industry leaders along with influential aerospace educators.  As a collective association voice for the industry, you will help to create and drive a legislative agenda that will continue to grow Michigan’s aerospace presence.

Regardless of the size of your company, you will benefit from an AIAM membership.  Led by its diverse Board of Directors, AIAM is an association that works for its members and pledges value for each investor.  Our propose is to bring industry, educators and government together to create network opportunities, talent development workshops, supply chain connections, and so much more.

There are a number of ways an AIAM membership can provide a return on your investment.  Whether it is recruiting your next key employee through our relationships with educators in the state, identifying a supplier to provide critical components or landing a new customer, put your membership to work today!

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Membership Levels & Benefits

Member Benefits Industry Associate Educational Institution Out-of-State & International
Preferred Pricing for AIAM Events
Copy of Michigan Aerospace Member Directory (as published)
AIAM Newsletter
Access to Attend Lunch with the Board
Opportunity to Exhibit in AIAM Pavilion at Key Aerospace Industry Shows
Participate in AIAM Talent Fairs
Eligible to Serve on AIAM Board of Directors
Voice in AIAM Lobbying Efforts
Company/Organization Profile Listed on AIAM Website
Collaborate on Industry Projects
Permitted to Purchase Advertising in AIAM Aerospace Directory
Members Only Website Login
Eligible to Host Board Meetings & Other Select Association Events
Collaborate with Educators on Curriculum Development, Research & Talent Attraction initiatives
Access to Industry Benchmark Data
Attend Select Boarding Meetings
Access to AIAM Training Programs
Voting privileges included with membership


*Indicates a Separate Fee is Charged

Annual Membership Fee Structure by # of Employees

Annual Investment
Number of Employees* Industry** Associate Out-of-State & International
1-25 $1,695 $850 $825
26-100 $2,995 $1,500 $1,650
101-300 $4,875 $2,375 $2,613
301 & up $7,500 $3,750 $4,125


* Employees: Includes all full-time, part-time, temporary and professional staff
** Industry: Only count employees engaged in aerospace activities

Annual Investment
Type of Educational Institution Educational Institution
K-12 $500
Community College & Technical School $1,500
Non-Research Universities $3,000
Research Universities $4,000

Membership Levels

Industry: A company with operations in Michigan with some percentage of current revenues attributed to the aerospace industry

Associate: Companies with operations or non-manufacturing assets in Michigan currently conducting business in other industries with an interest to expand products or services into the aerospace industry

Out-of-State & International: Any company outside the State of Michigan with operations or non-manufacturing assets currently conducting business in aerospace or other industries with an interest to expand products or services into Michigan.

Educational Institution: An educational institution in the State of Michigan. Typically of the following levels: K-12, Technical School, Community College & University.

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