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Matt is the President of Wineman Technology Inc. (WTI), and oversees a staff of approximately 49 individuals.  He graduated from Michigan Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and has twenty-five years of experience in the field of engineering and engineering management, focusing his efforts on a wide variety of test systems and custom equipment for WTI’s diverse clientele.  The key element of these systems has been a commitment to open architecture systems featuring non-propriety, off the self technology providing many benefits to Wineman Technology’s growing customer base.  He has been involved in systems touching almost every industry including: Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Telecom, Industrial and Off Road Equipment. Over the last 15 years WTI has focused on developing a strong foothold in the aerospace industry by developing unique, custom test equipment for hydraulic, actuation and electronic subsystems.

During his career he has participated in every aspect of test system development including system assembly, LabVIEW programming, electrical design, project management, sales, marketing and corporate management. For the past several years he has continued to use his technical skills as a First Robotic Mentor.